Third TAW Story Now Available

It’s that time again. The third of the TAW stories – Shark Fin Slip – is now up and accessible via the ‘Free Stuff’ section of the site.

I had a bit of a false start this week. Originally, I spent a couple of days on a story set in Burma, which I thought might be appropriate with the elections there this last week-end. I was fortunate to slip into Rangoon (Yangon) under false pretences back in 1994. Burma was a country I had always wanted to visit and the chance arose and I took it. Anyway, for whatever reason, I couldn’t get the story going and so scrapped it.

Which meant I had only a few days in which to get something else ready for today. This week’s story has its origins in a short paragraph I wrote at primary school about the dangers of practical jokes. For some reason the idea has stayed with me.

That original paragraph has grown considerably into a story of over 4,000 words (I promise I shall try to get some shorter stories done for this series – for your sake and mine!) and a number of themes over and above the danger of practical jokes have found themselves room to breathe.

In the end, though, the practical joke backfires (but which practical joke?) and this is appropriate for the day after April Fool’s Day.

As ever, your thoughts and comments are welcome either here or on the story page itself.

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